Gradational Processes

What is Gradation?

In the previous unit, you looked at the structure of the earth and how plate tectonics, over millions of years, has shaped and continues to shape the landscape. You examined how:

  • Plates converging create mountains
  • Plates diverging create trenches and rift valleys
  • Plates boundaries and hot spots are where volcanoes create different types of moutains and island chains

This unit looks at the continuous wearing down of these features through weathering and erosion. Gradational processes are those activities such as a river cutting through a mountain side, a landslide, a glacier grinding out a massive valley, and water dripping through  a limestone mountain to create caves and sinkholes.

Types of Weathering

There are three main types of weathering.

Here is a PowerPoint, Gradation and Mechanical Weathering. and here is another; Gradation and Chemical Weathering

Here is a link in United Streaming –

Chemical Weathering – ScienceBoom

A great overall website for any of the topics we are studying is this blog/website out of England.


Weathering is a term that means the breaking down of rock through the forces of rain, wind, heat, and cold.

Erosion has to do with BOTH weathering of material and the TRANSPORTATION of that material. The agents of erosion, or what causes erosion, are water, ice, wind and gravity.

Gradation Class Project


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